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What care do I have to take with my baby's skin?

Your baby's skin is thinner than yours and is oilier because of   Vernix Caseosa , which is an oily-looking substance that covers his skin at birth. This matter changes in the first weeks until it becomes the soft skin that we usually associate with that of babies. Like the rest of the organs, the skin also matures, so it is essential to take more care during the first stage. Moistening and lubrication are key, as a good cream can replace the Vernix that was lost and create a protective barrier against environmental damage. Make sure you never use adult products, as they are made with stronger and more aggressive elements. We leave you other crucial tips for caring for your baby's skin : 1. Your clothes must be carefully washed with specific and mild detergents so that they do not irritate your skin. 2. It is important that the diaper fits correctly and that when changing it, the skin is dry and clean since otherwise, it can react with allergies and irritations. Specific cream